by The Vindictives


Recorded 10/13/2013 and 13:13 in length, JERK-O-LANTERN is a Halloween Party Medley celebrating Vincent Price and Triskadekophobia (Fear of the #13)!! Part II coming soon, with Part I being released once again for a limited time only (Monday, October 13th)


released October 13, 2013



The Vindictives Chicago, Illinois

The Vindictives are a Chicago-based punk rock band led and founded by singer/songwriter Joey Vindictive in 1990. Spinning tales of alienation, smirky psychosis and social ills, the band entwines sweet, intricate harmonies with Joey’s snarling nasal melodies, striking a dark yet beautiful balance. Stay tuned for the new full length "F*CKUNICORN" at the bands official page:! ... more

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